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Angel's Billabong

A divinity pool, was formed naturally by sea water that hit the cliff wall. Local people believe that Angel's Billabong is a sacred pond which in ancient times was a bathing pool of angels from the heaven.

Atuh Beach

We have to go down dozens of stairs, about 10 minutes to reach this beach. Arrived at the beach you will be amazed by the clarity of the turquoise waters, beautiful green nature and the scenery of stunning wonderful islet with its incredible rock hold.

Broken Beach

Has the awe panorama of the ground sea crater surrounding the beach. Broken Beach was named Pasih Hug by local people. Pasih is mean sea or beach. Hug is mean broken. The occurrence of Pasih Hug was also due to an old phenomenon in ancient times that was told from generation to generation.

Crystal Bay

Since visited by divers from abroad in the past, Penida Beach was named Crystal Bay because it has the clarity of seawater with the beauty of its marine life, so it is very suitable for snorkeling activities. It also has a beautiful sandy beach flanked by two hills with the amazing views and an islet in the middle of the sea. Crystal Bay is also famous for one of the diving destinations to see Mola Mola (Sun Fish) during July till September.

Diamond Beach

located at the south side of Atuh Beach. It has clear white crystal sandy beach surrounded by walls of stunning Cliff. The magnificent panorama welcome you from the top of the cliff.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Lets go down to the beach through dozens of stairs to capture the gorgeous white sandy beaches, the towering high cliff walls and test your guts by going up the extreme swing through top of the incredible islet surrounding.

Kelingking Cliff

See and enjoy the best scenery of hill cliff on the blue sea look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex which has white crystal sandy beach. You can also feel the cool breeze that blows from the Indian Ocean even though you under the sun shine.

Melenteng Tree House

We can see the beautiful panorama of atolls line up in the blue sea from peak of the Molenteng Hill. Then if we go down to the edge of the cliff, we can enjoy the awesome view of tree houses, capture it and feel the cool breeze of the scenery of islets.

Paluang Cliff

Present you an amazing panorama of behind of Kelingking cliff. The best spot for capture photos is on the wooden ship that created and mounted on the edge of the stunning cliff.

Teletubbies Hill

t looks like a stretch of hills that resembles a row of small mountains. The green scenery, cool breeze and grass dancing in the wind will amaze you. It’s the real enjoy the feel of the nature.